How to White Label a Website Security Report

Golem Technologies allows users to use the scanner to generate customized reports for clients using your own logo and headlines. This requires a subscription to Security Elite - Once you sign in as an Elite, a menu option for white labeling is added to the user menu. This is where you can set your custom details.

The process for running a white label scan is identical to any other scan - simply enter your client's URL into the scanner and allow the scan to run. When it completes, view the scan results, and click the link "Generate White Label Report". That's it! you can now send the PDF to your client directly, or print it. Use this to upsell security services to clients, or offer a Golem security badge on their site.The only charge you pay for any of these services is the monthly Elite charge. What you ask of your clients is totally up to you.

Website Security White Label Report